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Deklaration: European Rivers Programme 2027 DOWNLOAD


Deklaration zum DOWNLOAD   (Die Gipfelteilnehmer formulierten eine Liste an Forderungen adressiert an die relevanten Entscheidungsträger in Politik und Industrie.)

Hauptpräsentationen (Fotos © Nick St.Oegger)

The Situation of Balkan Rivers: Save the Blue Heart of Europe
Ulrich Eichelmann/ Riverwatch, Gabriel Schwaderer/ EuroNatur Foundation

Follow the money: Who is financing the dam boom? Banks and state subsidies
Pippa Gallop and Igor Vejnovic/ CEE Bankwatch Network

Small isn’t beautiful:  about small dams in the Balkans
Mato Gotovac/ WWF Adria

Water Framework Directive: What´s going on in Brussels regarding river policies?
Eef Silver/ Wetlands International
Presentation  |  Summary

De-growth economy: How to stop climate change without destroying our nature?
Prof. Dr. Niko Paech/ environmental economist

Dam Removal Europe and AMBER: reconnecting European Rivers
Jeroen van Herk/ Dam Removal Europe and Ruedi Bösiger/ WWF Switzerland
Presentation | Summary


The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act: Vision for protection of European rivers 
John Zablocki/ The Nature Conservancy and David Moryc/ American Rivers
Presentation | Video



Ideas Corner (Participant section) (Fotos © Nick St.Oegger)

Free Flow Camp
Vera Knook / Netherlands / River Intellectuals, Balkan River Defence
Presentation | Summary

Want to Save Your River? The global Waterkeeper Alliance wants to help you!
Gary Wockner / USA / Waterkeeper Alliance

How the rivers changed my life!
Pascal Rösler / Germany / Pure Water for Generations
Presentation | Video

2018 Vjosa canoe scientific expedition – opportunities for a river and its residents

Aurélien Rateau / France / Destination rivières
Presentation  | Video

River Contracts: a voluntary tool for river protection
Romina D’Ascanio / Italy / Università Roma Tre and Giancarlo Gusmaroli / Italy / CIRF - Italian Centre for River Restoration
Presentation | Summary

The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act as Climate Adaptation Policy for Ecosystem Resilience
Denielle Marie Perry / USA / Northern Arizona University

Green zones for Blue Rivers
Aleksandra Bujaroska / Macedonia / Front 21/42

Youth Engagement and Young Action for Rivers
Magdalena Vallazza / Austria / WWF Austria

River pollution: Biological early warning systems to detect pollution sources: methods and examples
Almut Gerhardt / Germany / LimCo International GmbH
Presentation | Summary

Synergy between many Serbian organisations and few thousand people will save the rivers
Goran Tokic / Serbia / United Anglers of Serbia


Your River, your fight (Participant section) (Fotos © Nick St.Oegger)

Bosnia & Herzegovina:  Ambasada Neretva - The river and people: Protecting Neretva through generations, with culture and presence 
Omar Šelo / Ambasada Neretva

Albania: Valbona - Enivronmental protection forces the whole system
Catherine Bohne / TOKA

Struggles against dams and river diversions in Northwestern Greece
Ioannis Papadimitriou / Ioannina Ecological Organizations Net
Presentation | Summary

Serbia: Battle for Old mountain
Nensila Radojkovic / Defend rivers of Old mountain
Presentation | Video

Hydropower in Italy, the "green" energy threatening the last natural rivers
Andrea Goltara / CIRF - Italian Centre for River Restoration

Our fight for the blue heart of Italy
Giovanna Deppi / Coordinamento Nazionale Tutela Fiumi - Free Rivers Italia
Presentation | Summary

Austria: The Tyrolean Lech: A comeback in two acts
Anna Schöpfer / University of Innsbruck
Presentation | Summary

Portugal: Fighting projects, plans and the vision of new hydropower as green infrastructure
Ana Brazão / Rios Livres/GEOTA

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Current situation of Danube salmon in Una river and its sensitivity to dam construction
Boris Davidov / Society for research and protection of biodiversity

Polish river pearls - union of people towards better protection of Polish rivers
Ewa Leś and Maria Staniszewska / Save The Rivers Coalition (KRR) and Polish Ecological Club
Video 1 | Video 2

Greece: Acheloos S.O.S.
Pinelopi Stamati / Mesohora – Acheloos SOS
Presentation | Summary

Small river devastation in Montenegro - action for protection
Vuk Ikovic / NGO KOD

Flow:Europe - For the Love of Water
Tobias Schäfer / flow:Europe / Living Rivers Foundation
Presentation | Video

Albania: Beyond the destruction of the nature and the culture of Kelmend - its habitants are asking for help
Martine Wolff / NGO for a future in Kelmend
Presentation | Summary

Bosnia & Herzegovina: HPP Jablanica: Human Rights violations of the population from the submerged areas of the Jablaničko lake
Asja Boric / The Citizen Association of the Submerged Areas of Lisičići

Greece: Rivers and streams in Attica-Athens - Struggles to save the few ones still alive
Evangelia Dimitriou / Ilioupolis’ Citizens’ Movement
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