The Guradian "defender tracker" records every murder of environmental defenders. Source: The Guardian

Global trend: Murdered for defending nature

Life is dangerous if you stand up for nature protection these days! In 2016, 200 environmental activists have been killed globally, with a rising trend in 2017 (four per week). Brazil, Colombia and the Philippines are leading this alarming death poll.

Read for yourself in yesterday’s Guardian article: Environmental defenders being killed in record numbers globally, new research reveals

What’s worse, those behind the killings usually get away with it: “Most environmental defenders die in remote forests or villages affected by mining, dams, illegal logging, and agribusiness. Many of the killers are reportedly hired by corporations or state forces. Very few are ever arrested or identified” the Guardian article states.

In order to counteract this trend, the Guardian launched a project in cooperation with Global Witness to record every single murder of environmental defenders – even if committed in the most remote areas: The defenders tracker