Activists on the Kamp river © Lebendiger Kamp

EVN has decided not to expand the Rosenburg power plant on the Kamp in Lower Austria. The citizens' initiative "Lebendiger Kamp", the Lower Austrian Nature Conservation Association, Riverwatch and WWF have been protesting against this project for over 10 years. "EVN's announcement that the Rosenburg power plant will not be expanded is pleasing, but can only be a first step. To get a 'living Kamp' again, it is not enough to prevent deterioration - the Kamp needs improvement. To achieve this, the dam in Rosenburg must be removed. " says Ulrich Eichelmann, Riverwatch CEO.

Protest action at the dam Rosenburg on the Kamp river in Lower Austria. The floating letters say “Free our rivers. HPP Rosenburg – Get rid of it” © Riverwatch

++ Riverwatch demands removal of EVN dam ++ Remove the Dams! Initiative for Alpine region launched ++ Austria has the highest density of hydropower plants globally ++With today’s unusual action, Riverwatch and kayakers from the Kamp valley in Lower Austria demand the removal of the dam in Rosenburg. They gathered in kayaks around the floating slogan “Befreit den Kamp! KW Rosenburg - WegDammit! (Free the Kamp! HPP Rosenburg - get rid of it)” on the dam reservoir.