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Name of Society: Riverwatch – Society for the protection of rivers

Central Association Register No.: (ZVR-Nr): 563774577 Download RiverWatch Statutes

Data Protection Authority: Landespolizeidirektion Wien - Department of Association, Assembly and Media Law; Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs

Legal Form: Riverwatch is a non-profit association. Executive Director Ulrich Eichelmann is authorized to represent the association.

Non-profit status: The activity of the association is not aimed at profit. The association pursues exclusively non-profit goals according to the federal tax code of Austria.

Rules of professional conduct: Federal Law on Associations (Austrian Association Act 2002)

Goals of the Society: The society Riverwatch, whose activities are not profit-oriented, operates internationally and aims to protect and promote rivers and their floodplains. We are committed to an intact environment and a sustainable society. In particular, we are pursuing the goal of protecting and restoring watercourses as species-rich habitats throughout the world, communicating their importance for the biodiversity and preventing them from being destroyed. We encourage other organizations as well as individuals to protect rivers.

Board of Directors: First Chairman: Friedrich Schiemer, o. Univ.-Prof. Dr.; Second Chairman: Wolfram Graf, Ass.Prof. Dr.

Executive Director: Ulrich Eichelmann

Contact Person: Cornelia Wieser

Registered office:
Neustiftgasse 36
1070 Vienna/Austria
Tel: 0043 - 676 - 6621512


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Basic direction of the website:

Riverwatch is a society for the protection of rivers. Our ambition is to preserve the last unimpaired rivers as well as restoring those already canalized or dammed. We engage globally against projects that destroy rivers, particularly dam projects. Riverwatch is a campaigning organisation; that is, we act in opposition to certain projects and promote public awareness. We consider ourselves a platform for all those who care about rivers.

The website provides information about the activities and projects of Riverwatch. The site is supports fundraising efforts for further campaign activities for the global protection of rivers.

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