Stop Ilisu

Road blockage as protest against the relocation of Hasankeyf. © Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf AliveThe Ilisu project in south-eastern Turkey is one of the world’s most controversial dam projects. It will have catastrophic impacts on people, nature, and cultural heritage. The campaign “Stop Ilisu – Save Hasankeyf” is working in Europe and Turkey to stop the project and help create a real and sustainable future for the affected region.

When the European states of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland pulled out of the project in 2009, Turkey continued with the construction on its own. However, Illisu is just the spearhead of Turkey’s dam craze: another 1,500 hydropower plants are projected to be built in the next few years, leaving no river to flow unobstructed.

Resistance continues.

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Construction of the dam is completed: 135 meters high and about 2 kilometrs long. © Ulrich Eichelmann

Historic city of Hasankeyf - to be drown in the Ilisu reservoir © Ulrich Eichelmann

Ilisu Dam construction site © Ulrich Eichelmann

New Hasankeyf - nobody wants to relocate there © Ulrich Eichelmann

In the background your can see the new road, which will run along the reservoir © Ulrich Eichelmann

Under fierce resistance, the historic Zeynel Bey Tomb has been re-located in May 2017 © Ulrich Eichelmann