PETITION: Vjosa National Park, the only way to save Vjosa

The last wild river in Europe is in danger and a National Park status is the only level of protection that can save it. After a decade of efforts to protect the Vjosa River in Albania, this petition will gather the voices of all supporters and demand an action that will make a real change: Proclaiming Vjosa as a National Park. Let’s stand together, we know we are so many.

Sign the petition and share it with your friends so that we join our efforts to protect what nature took centuries to create.


How can we protect Vjosa?

“Nature park” status is not enough. In 2020, Vjosa was proclaimed a “Nature park”, but this is not enough to fully protect Vjosa. Companies can still search for oil next to Vjosa or build dams in its tributaries, the small rivers that feed the main river.

It’s “National Park” or nothing. “National Park” status is an internationally recognized standard of protection and the only status that can stop businesses and future governments from destroying the free flowing river and its tributaries.  

What are the benefits of proclaiming Vjosa a National Park?

  • Albania would have the first truly wild river National Park in Europe estimated to attract around 1.5 million visitors and 10-30 million Euros of income each year.
  • Increase in national and international tourism. National Parks get 20% more visitors than any other kind of park.
  • Increase in employment: Based on data from other National Parks in the Balkans, for every job created in the National Park, 6 additional jobs will be created in the local communities nearby.
  • Further development of eco-tourism, which allows Albanians to enjoy the beauty of the river and nature, without damaging them and conserving this way the cultural heritage and way of life built around Vjosa.
  • Saving the last wild river in Europe (outside of Russia).  Vjosa provides a habitat for about 1,100 species, many of which are globally endangered species.

So what is next? We need as many signatures as possible, to present this petition to the Prime Minister of Albania. Sign it and share it with friends so we show how many people are in favor of saving Vjosa, forever.