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Leonardo DiCaprio raises his voice for Vjosa

The most prominent support for the Vjosa: Leonardo DiCaprio raises awareness about Europe's last wild river - the Vjosa - and the threat she is facing on his Instagram! "This is one of Europe’s last wild rivers. But for how long?⁠", he writes. The Vjosa has become world famous, she is valued for her intactness.

He also points to the negative impacts of hydropower and to the important ecosystem serices healthy rivers provide: "Dams block the natural flow of water and sediment. They also can change the chemistry of the water and cause toxic algae to grow. Rivers are a crucial part of the global water cycle. They act as nature’s arteries, carrying energy and nutrients across vast landscapes, providing water for drinking, food production and industry.⁠" Leonardo DiCaprio's post reads.

DiCaprio's post had a huge impact in Albanian media and was covered by all News outlets in the country with headlines like these

"Leonardo DiCaprio against the decision of the Albanian Government for dams on the Vjosa River" (TopChannel)

"Leonardo DiCaprio criticizes Albanian Government for HPPs on Vjosa River" (Tirana Post)

"Leonardo DiCaprio in defense of Vjosa" (TV Klan)

"Leonardo DiCaprio supports the initiative to protect the Vjosa River" (Ora News)

We have Leo on our side now ... who is next?