Well attended Freedom for Rivers concert in Banja Luka © Vedran Ševčuk Alf
Live performance of Partibrejkers © Vedran Ševčuk Alf
Thousands of people cheering for Darko Rundek & Ekipa © Vedran Ševčuk Alf
Darko Rundek © Vedran Ševčuk Alf
Grand finale of Freedom for Rivers concert © Vedran Ševčuk Alf

3000 at the Freedom of Rivers Concert in BiH!

On November 11th, about 3000 people enjoyed a great concert, great atmosphere and strong messages for the freedom of rivers by musicians Darko Rundek & Ekipa and Cane and Partibrejkers in Banja Luka. With this great concert, organized by Bosnian Blue Heart Partner Center for Environment and Art Lab, artists supported activists fighting for the rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"These exceptional artists have provided us with active support in the preservation of rivers and the environment, and we are extremely grateful.", pointed out Jelena Ivanić from Center for Environment.

It is important to note that this concert is more than a concert - it is the voice of all of us who want to protect our environment, to preserve our wild rivers for future generations and to stop the enrichment of individuals using our common good. That is why we are grateful to the musicians who raise their voice for this cause.

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