Ulrich Eichelmann at the Kalivac construction site on the Vjosa in Albania © Andrew Burr

Radio broadcast with Ulli Eichelmann on the state of European rivers

A detailed discussion with Ulrich Eichelmann about rivers, hydropower and the Blue Heart of Europe in the braodcast series radioattac (sorry, German only)

Eichelmann about Austrian hydropower companies operating in the Balkans: “Our western companies, which should have certain standards due to decades of experience, immediately lose the standards if they go somewhere else. Because of course you make a lot more money if you have to be less considerate [of nature]

Riverwatch CEO talks about the state of European rivers and warns of the impending damming of the river network in the Balkans. Austrian companies and banks are also involved in the expansion of dam projects in protected areas. Riverwatch documented the planned construction projects and brought the information to the public. In order to preserve free-flowing rivers, the local people organize themselves, block dam projects and organize, among other things, music festivals.

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