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Join the World Fish Migration Day 2020

World Fish Migration Day 2020 is approaching, a one-day global celebration to improve the public's understanding of the importance of migratory fish and free-flowing rivers and how to reduce our impacts on them. On MAY 16th, thousands of organizations, schools, aquariums, zoos and communities organize their local events to educate and excite people about migratory fish species and our collective reliance on healthy free-flowing rivers.

The World Fish Migration Foundation invites you to take part in this worldwide celebration, by hosting a local event to share your knowledge and solutions with locals.

Watch this 2-min video and you will fully understand what World Fish Migration Day:


You can already see over 100 events registered in this world map! 

Here a list of event types to give you an idea what your event could look like

  • River clean-ups: It helps the river and at the same time, it gives a chance to talk about migratory fish and healthy rivers with visitors! E.g.: EthiopiaPolandTurkey.
  • Children activities: Theater plays, coloring pictures, games outdoors! E.g.: BelgiumCambodiaRomania
  • Movie screenings: Screening a documentary showing cool river and fish restoration projects, we have a nice list of documentaries, feel free to ask us!
  • Art Making: Drawing competitions, painting expositions, mural painting. E.g.: Gabon
  • Fish/river monitoring: Families helping scientists to get their data! E.g.: Spain
  • Guides, books or reports launchings: Official launches of books or reports specializing on migratory fish, wetland/lake/river restoration. E.g.: New Zealand
  • Fish releases: Celebrating a migratory fish project in your region! E.g.: Hungary
  • Seminars, conferences, lectures, talks: At universities, schools, high schools, town halls, angling associations. E.g.: PeruEgyptSerbia
  • Fishway and river visits: With school students or full families! E.g.:  AustraliaGermany
  • Fishway and dam removal inaugurations: WFMD gives an excellent momentum to celebrate the fact that you are opening up rivers for fish. E.g.: Austria
  • Festivals: Concerts, marches, barbecues and outdoor activities! E.g.: UK
  • Communication media special issues: Magazine/newspaper special articles, radio or TV interviews/shows: E.g.: Ireland
  • Several: There were actually many events which had several activities organized in the same day or previous days, for example, in Bolivia, where there were several days of celebration, with a seminar opening, then a small market of handmade products by indigenous people, followed by a traditional dancing show, migratory fish exposition at  the museum and a final fish gastronomy feast with traditional and contemporary dishes. 

For more information, download the brochure, visit the website or contact Pao Fernández Garrido at pao@fishmigration.org for any questions you may have. The World Fish Migration Foundation is working to unite and connect every single organization on the planet working on migratory fish and freshwater ecosystems, so please don’t miss it!