Green zones for blue rivers! © Theresa Schiller

Petition: Green Zones for Blue Rivers in Macedoni

The Macedonian Blue Heart campaign team (Front 21/42 and Eko-svest) launched a petition for the protection and against the destruction of the last free rivers in their country. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION, addressed to Prime Minister Mr. Zoran Zaev and President of the Macedonian Assembly Mr. Talat Dzaferi.

The petition is posted in the national language only – that shouldn’t keep you from signing. Find the English translation here:


Green Zones for Blue Rivers - STOP the construction of the hydropower projects in protected areas

Over 400 hydropower projects are planned in Macedonia. Half of them are located in untouched nature areas, in breathtaking picturesque river valleys on the last free flowing rivers, which support the life of local communities.

Hydropower changes the rivers and life in and around them forever. Without setting aside zones for protection of rivers, hydropower development carries a serious risk of irreversible damage to nature and human well-being. Therefore, we must protect the most valuable resource of humankind!

 We urgently demand designated zones for protection of rivers! We demand green zones for blue rivers!