Streams and creeks in Mavrovo NP under attack by low-performing hydropower projects. © Theresa Schiller

Fight for Mavrovo National Park continues

The big fight for Mavrovo National Park continues - Zirovnicka river, one of the biggest tributaries of Radika river in the park, is at stake. Local communities in Zirovnica are dependent on this river as it constitutes their water supply and strongly opposes the two planned hydropower projects.

On March 4th, the investor, Aktuel energy Group, paid a visit to the local community in order to push for realization of his investment. Not only is the investor ignoring the Bern Convention’s demand for suspension of all hydropower projects in Mavrovo National Park, the project also lacks a proper assessment as well as a valid construction permit and the concession agreement was breached. Aktuel energy Group will go beyond and above to push this highly opposed hydropower project through. He shows a lack of listening or comprehending. The investor says he complies with all laws and claims that he was not informed about a breach, a decision or the Bern Convention’s recommendation. He also threatened any opposers that they would face serious charges and lawsuits should they troy to stop construction.

To support the affected community, please sign the petition Green Zones for Blue Rivers in Macedonia  (scroll down for information in English)