Song for Vjosa and Valbona: Blessed be Free Rivers

Vjosa and Valbona receive prominent support! “Blessed be the free rivers" (“Lum Lumi i Lirë“!) aims to give a voice to the threatened rivers Vjosa and Valbona and create a deep echo of awareness in the public.
Eda Zari, Elina Duni, Linda Rukaj, Rhani Krija (Official), Vlashent Sata, Emiljan Dhimo, Shpat Deda, Gert Kapo, Henning Jung, Kleidi Eski, Sokol Çunga, Mikaela Minga collaborated to produced this amazing song and video


Music by: Elina Duni & Eda Zari © reserved by Duni & Zari
Lyric by: Sokol Çunga & Eda Zari
Produced by: Henning Jung, Gert Kapo, Rhani Krija, Cologne Germany. Visuals, concept, & Video produced by Kleidi Eski / Light & Moving Prod.
Thanks to all artists for being so dedicated, with your voice, musicality, art and for amazing passion and love to save the rivers and Albanian Nature!
Vocal: Elina Duni, Eda Zari, Linda Rukaj, Vlashent Sata, Shpat Deda
All percussions: Rhani Krija
Piano, Fender Rhodes: Gert Kapo Drums: Emiljano Dhimo
Bass: Henning Jung
Mixing and Sound: Henning Jung
Arrangements: Gert Kapo

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