THE RAFTMAKERS - Exploring the rivers of the world on self-made rafts

What a neat project! In the documentary “The Raftmakers”, the film crew explores rivers worldwide on self-made rafts in an attempt to document how the global warming directly affects rivers, their wildlife and local populations. The aim is to reveal the conditions of some of the most fascinating waterways in the world from an extremely close point of view. Often they are polluted, but sometimes they offer beautiful examples of the cohabitation between humans and nature.

However, to finish the documentary, they need $28,000 to fund the last expeditions to Belize and Italy (Piave river, Venetian Lagoon, Oreto river) and for post-production of The Raftmakers  (feature length documentary and 6 episode series). For this reason they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo  which hopefully will bring resources to shoot the last chapters of the series. They offer some pretty cool perks for your funding. Check it out!

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