Climate Crimes

A Documentary by Ulrich Eichelmann

The fight against global warming should save our planet. Instead, it is speeding up the destruction of our nature and biodiversity.

Climate Crimes takes you behind the scenes of destructive energy policies disguised as green solutions to climate change.

Ulrich Eichelmann and his team visit the Mesopotamian Marshes in Iraq, the rainforests of the Amazon and Indonesia, Turkey’s Southeast, as well as protected sites in Germany. All of them could be destroyed within the next decades due to hydropower plants, palm oil plantations and maize fields used to produce biofuel and biogas.
Yet Climate Crimes is a story of unique landscapes, rare species and of humans living in harmony with nature. It is a film about beauty and threats.

“This film will shake things up. Hopefully.”
Christian Rathner, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF

“What is currently happening in the name of climate conservation and a green economy is really a rampage against the natural world, a slap in the face of ecological reason.”
Prof. Niko Paech, Economist.

Quality: HD
Duration: 54 minutes
Language: German + English
Written and directed by
Ulrich Eichelmann

César Roson

Christoph Walder
Christian Kuen
Agata Skowronek


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Azzam Alwash wins Goldman prize 2013

Topic: Climate Crimes

In the film Climate Crimes, Azzam Alwash – conservation visionary and founder of the Iraqi NGO “Nature Iraq” – spoke about the consequences of dams for the Mesopotamian Marshes in Iraq. For his efforts in restoring these Marshes he has now won this year’s Goldman Prize – at US$ 150,000 [...]

Climate Crimes – DVD in English available

Topic: Climate Crimes

Finally the English version of Climate Crimes is ready and available on DVD.  You can order it via email.

This documentary takes you behind the scenes of energy policies disguised as green solutions to climate change. If you have seen this film, you will think different about some of the green [...]