Dam Tsunami to Threaten Balkan Rivers

Topic: Balkan Rivers

Over 570 dams projected – international campaign launched
Joint press release by EuroNatur and Riverwatch

Vienna, Radolfzell, March 20, 2014. As a contribution to this year’s UN World Water Day (22.3.) on the topic of “Water and Energy”, EuroNatur and Riverwatch draw attention to the impending destruction of rivers on the [...]

Balkan Rivers in DER SPIEGEL

Topic: Balkan Rivers

The German magazine Der Spiegel published an article about the situation of theBalkan rivers. The article captures the beauty of these last wild, living rivers in Europe, as well as the threat they are facing. Now there is an Englisch online version of the article:

Belo Monte Conference in EU

Topic: Brazil - Belo Monte

On November 14,  a conference on the issue of the Belo Monte Dam Project was held by the Green Party in the EU parliament.
Under the slogan "Belo Monte Mega-Dam: The Amazon up for grabs?" opponents of the project discussed their concerns with proponents such as representatives of the [...]

Road blockade in Hasankeyf

Topic: General

Residents protest against resettlement

Here the press release of the Initative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive in Batman/Turkey:

Road blockade by inhabitants of Hasankeyf against ILISU Dam

11.10.2013 The inhabitants of the antique city Hasankeyf have blocked the main road through their city in order to protest the Ilisu Dam Project and especially the [...]