Hydropower plants in Una National Park halted

Topic: Balkan Rivers

The Bihać City Council has stopped the construction of two small hydropower plants in the Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The projected plants Martin Brod and Dobrenica undermine the very idea of a national park as protected area and would destroy one of the most magnificent [...]

Important ECJ decision for rivers

Topic: General

On July 1, the European Court of Justice ruled in favour of rivers in a landmark decision. The verdict strengthens the protection of rivers. It is specifically about the interpretation of the “no deterioration" provision of the Water Framework Directive. According to the ruling, projects mustn’t deteriorate a [...]

Two new species discovered in Mavrovo NP

Topic: Balkan Rivers

A systematic investigation of macrozoobenthos (organisms which are visible to the unaided eye) in Mavrovo NP has found two entirely new species: a new micro-endemic species of caddisfly as well as a new stonefly species. During the 7-year study a total of 48 species were detected. All of [...]

Invitation: Balkan Rivers Days

Topic: Balkan Rivers

We are happy to invite you to the Balkan Rivers Days in Belgrade this September - the first event of this kind in Europe! This free event shall be a first get-together of people from river NGOs, local initiatives, and anti-dam movements, along with fishermen, boaters and other [...]

Videos: From the Bence Protest

Topic: Balkan Rivers

Ulrich Eichelmann (Riverwatch) takes you to the Bence River - a tributary of the Vjosa and one of the most beautiful and ecologically most valuable rivers in Albania. However, the river is threatened by the construction of a hydropower plant: 95% of its water is to be diverted into pipelines [...]