Part one of our Balkan Rivers short films shows the impressive biodiversity in the rivers on the Balkans.

The second part of our Balkan Rivers short films shows the threats that the Balkan Rivers are facing due to hydropower development.

The third part of our Balkan Rivers short films features residents standing up for their river.

Official Video of the Balkan Rivers Days in Belgrade, September 2015. Video: Nejc Milak

From September 25th-27th, 120 people from 18 countries discussed how to stop the dam tsunami in the Balkans and in other regions in Europe at our Balkan Rivers Days in Belgrade. Here are some first impressions

Watch this incredible documentary about kayaking the Vjosa – one of the last wild rivers in Europe – from its source in Greece to its mouth into the Adriatic Sea in Albania. Thank you Leeway Collective for these stunning impressions and for raising awareness about the beauty and value of this spectacular river!

Ulrich Eichelmann takes you to the Bence River – a tributary of the Vjosa and one of the most beautiful and ecologically most valuable rivers in Albania. However, the river is threatened by the construction of a hydropower plant: 95% of its water is to be diverted into pipelines in order to generate electricity. Within the context of the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign, we are trying to protect this river amongst many others. On April 29, 2015, about 150 people protested against the construction of a hydropower plant on the Bence.

Among the protester was singer Golik, who sings about the beauty of the Bence River.

Impressions from the Bence River.

Ulrich Eichelmann takes you directly to a natural spring along the Langarica, a tributary to the Vjosa in Southern Albania. This natural treasure is under attack from hydropower projects. Within the context of the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign, we are trying to protect this river amongst many others.
From inside the thermal spring….

Langarica and thermal spring from above…

Small Hydro: how beautiful is small? Is small hydropower greener than mega dams? Do they make sense economically? Watch this cartoon and find out about the many “benefits” of small hydropower developments.

Coverage about the Vjosa Tour event in Selenica and the projected HPP on the Langarica (Vjosa tributary) on Austrian public service broadcaster ORF (ZIB2)

About 80 people participated in our Vjosa Tour event organized within the context of the international campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” on March 13th in Selenica, Albania. After we informed locals about the Vjosa, its threat and our vision of establishing a Vjosa National Park, they spontaneously chanted “No Dams, no dams!” and enthusiastically supported our vision.

Next spring, we will present a 15-20 minutes documentary about the Balkan Rivers. Sneak a peek and share!

The Ecological Association Rzav-God Save Rzav produced this video to draw attention to the destruction of the river.

Vjosa goes Club Sound: Friends of the Balkan Rivers produced this neat “Save the Vjosa” remix featering stunning Vjosa views.

GEO Days of Biodiversity at the Vjosa (June 12-15)


Find out about Vjosa River’s beauty, its values and threats in this video by Adrian Guri