Belo Monte: Indios besetzten Zentrale der Nationalen Stiftung der Indigenen (FUNAI) in Brasília

Sie schreiben einen weiteren Brief:

Letter Nr. 10: The government does not want to listen to us

We, Mundurukú, Xipaya, Arara and Kayapó peoples, occupy the Funai offices. You will understand why.

We arrived in Brasilia last Tuesday last (May 4th), and since that moment we are enduring all the your violence.

Quelle:, Ruy Sposati

We had a meeting with Minister Gilberto Carvalho on the day we arrived. He called us liars (in other words), refused to sign the receipt of our documents, saying that we were not the writers of that wrote our letters.

When the meeting ended, Gilberto Carvalho told the Jornal Nacional [national news agency]: “We listened to the long talks [of us indigenous], the criticism, but we were absolutely clear to them, saying that the government will not give up its projects.” So we understand the message of the government.

Two days later, Paul Maldos [assessor of the Presidential Palace] gave an interview to the Radio Nacional da Amazônia: “Consultation is not yes or no.” We also understand that message.

We understand that the government is saying “we will build the dams in your territories, no matter what you say. And even if you would be consulted, we will not consider your opinion.”

So we occupied the main offices of the Funai in Brasília yesterday, Monday, because the government has not received us a second time. And even when we were received, the government called us liars and tried to lie to us and divide us. And once more said, that they would build all the hydroelectric dams on our lands anyway. We are here at the Funai now, but our fight does not stop here.

Our meeting on the 3rd of June ended without agreement. After it, you never wanted to meet us, so it seems that, unfortunately, we will return to our homes without any response. Because we came to demand peace, and the government has declared war. Even smiling. We do not like it.

Brasilia, June 11, 2013
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