Landslide victory in the 20-year battle for Acheloos River



Sieg für Naturschutz: Acheloos Fluss in Griechenland wird nicht zerstört. Hier die Aussendung des WWF Griechenland dazu:

We are excited to announce that we won a landslide victory in our 22-year battle to save the Acheloos River from a pharaonic diversion project !

Last Friday, the Council of State, Greece’s supreme administrative court, issued a historic decision, which upholds all the reasons put forward by WWF Greece and other environmental organisations and local municipalities.

In a country stricken hard by the economic crisis, where the environment is constantly sidelined in view of short-term financial gains, this ruling constitutes a landmark in case law, as it upholds the “sustainable development principle” and the “right to environmental protection”.

Over the course of our campaign, we won a series of court cases, the first ruled in 1994. Part of the present (and hopefully last) case, which was submitted in 2007, was also judged by the Court of Justice of the EU (case C‑43/10), since violation of a series of directives, including the Water Framework Directive, was involved.

Since the start, we have been privileged to play a coordinating role in the framework of a uniquely efficient and solid coalition of environmental organisations and municipal authorities from the ‘donor’ water basin of Aetoloakarnania. We have also been fortunate to work closely with a highly qualified and dedicated legal team.

We hope that this be the end of the diversion plans. A major question now concerns the rehabilitation of those parts of the river that have been degraded by construction works.

Please share our great happiness with your colleagues, friends and supporters!

May 2014 be a year full of victories for conservation.

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